Pre-recorded Sessions

Pre-recorded sessions are sessions that were invited in by the AAPA Convention Committee in order to provide programming on specific topics. They are listed here for you viewing leisure and will be available after the convention for conference attendees.

Report from AAPA Finance Officers

Journeys of an International Student to a Professional: Challenges and Supports in the Current Sociopolitical Context

Minji Yang and Yu Chak Sunny Ho interview Chiathong Yong, Lei Wang, Lillian Chen, Sathya Baanu Jeevanba, Shaznin Daruwalla, and Wen Chong

Addressing Anti-Black Racism: Asian Allies in Conversation

Max Tokarsky talks with Sun Park

Sun describes the materials you can obtain by emailing:

Matt Lee describes the conversation on Anti-Black Racism at Northeastern University in Boston

Promoting Liberation through Collective Leadership

Donna Demanarig and her collegial fellows of the CNPAAEMI LDI 

Demystifying Leadership

Overview with Helen Hsu

Helen poses these six questions to the following panelists: 1. How do you balance your various interests? 2. What was a graduate school or early career moment or person that influenced you toward a leadership path? 3. Do you have tips for dealing with setbacks? 4. What are your top 3 tips for emerging leaders? 5. Do you have advice for current and future leaders? 6. What do you see as challenges for the next generation in leadership?

Responses from Ulash Dunlap:

Responses from Jorge Wong:

Responses from Nellie Tran:

Responses from Lou Felipe:Responses from Glenn Masuda: 

Sherry Wang talks about Integrating Self-Care with Advocacy to Address Anti-Asian Sentiments and Racial Injustice Amidst COVID-19: Lessons Learned From Feb-Sept 2020