Poster Sessions

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Group 1- Practice/ Mental Health

Q & A Session 1: (12:15 - 12:45 PM PST)


(1) Predictors of Depression Among Asian American Undergraduates

Saniya Soni

Predictors of Depression.pdf

(2) Emotion regulation mediates the relationship between acculturation/enculturation and depressive symptoms among Asian and Latinx Americans

Lucia Quezada, Sumaiya Nusrath & William Tsai


(3) Watering the Roots of Cultural Wealth: Redefining Healing through Trauma for Asian American College Survivors

Grace Poon Ghaffari

Cultural Wealth AAPA Poster_GPG.pdf

Cultural Wealth AAPA Presentation.pdf

(4) The role of horizontal and vertical individualism and collectivism for Taiwanese American undergraduates' well-being: Emphasizing values within a psychosociocultural approach

Tracy C. Guan, Terence Chen, Alberta M. Gloria, & Jeanett Castellanos

Guan et al. (2020) Taiwanese American AAPA 2020 Poster.pdf

(5) The Relationship between Hookup Behaviors and Family Structure among Asian American Young Adults in the United States

Yushan Zhao & Jessica Michele Dennis

Poster AAPA (Yushan & Dr. Dennis).pdf


(6) Asian American Women's Gendered Racial Socialization: A CQR Approach

Michelle Gomes, Lydia HaRim Ahn, Brian Keum, Gintare Meizys, & Adil Choudhry

Asian American Women's Gendered Racial Socialization-A CQR Approach.pdf

(7) Shame, Shame Coping Behavior, and Help Seeking Behavior Among Three Asian American Ethnic Groups

Keziah Lyu & Sydnie Yoo

Keziah Lyu - Poster.pdf


(8) The Preliminary Efficacy of Expressive Helping for Chinese American Cancer Patients and Survivors

Charlotte Teng, Sophia Hon, Angela Wang, Ruidi Zhu,  Liwei Zhang, Tiffany Wong, & William Tsai



(9) Unveiling the Heterogeneity of South Asian Immigrant Subgroups: A call for more rigorous research on American clinical conceptualizations.

Sandra A. Kennedy, Ahnaf Annur, Alice Gavarrete Olvera, Mahathi Kosuri, & Desiree Byrd

Kennedy_CUNY QC_AAPA Poster_2020-10-04.pdf


(10) Internalizing shame as a barrier for receiving mental health services in Asian Americans

Julie Huynh & Meng-Ju Yang


Group 2 - Practice/ Mental Health

Q & A Session 2: (12:45 - 1:15 PM PST)


(11) A Systematic Review of Depressive, Anxiety, and Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms among Asian American Breast Cancer Survivors

Sumaiya Nusrath, Ruidi Zhu, & William Tsai

AAPA 2020 Poster SN.pdf

(12) Happily Americanized? The Role of Acculturation in the Link Between Ideal Affect and Well-Being Among Immigrants

Duc Pham, Victoria Monte, & William Tsai


(13) Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, War Trauma, and Depression Among Southeast Asian Refugees and their Descendants

Kimberly Saelee

AAPA 2020 Poster.pdf

(14) Acculturation, Personality, and Depression Among Chinese and Chinese American Young Adults

Ziyi Xiu

Ziyi Xiu AAPA Poster.pdf

(15) How do Stereotypes Play out in the Therapy Room? A Qualitative Examination of Asian American Psychologists' Experiences of Being Stereotyped

Diane Lee & Fernand Lubuguin

DLEE- AAPA poster.pdf

(16) Advantages of culturally and linguistically competent pediatric integrated behavioral healthcare serving Asian American immigrant communities

Meng-Ju Yang & Suzanne Giraudo

2020_AAPA_MJ+DrGiraudo (1).pdf

(17) Risk and Protective Factors of Suicidal Ideation among Asian American Adolescents in the United States

Makiko Watanabe, Sherry Molock, Brian Clark, Dave Jean, Amrisha Prakash, Elizabeth Konneker, Nir Liebenthal, & Linsey Mathew


(18) Recommendations For Increased Engagement In Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Among Asian American Adults

Catherine Hu


(19) Implications for professionals: Working with South Asian parents with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Roop Sabharwal

AAPA poster 2020- Roop Sabharwal.pdf

Group 3 - Covid-19 & Current Issues

Q & A Session 1: (12:15 - 12:45 PM PST)

Zoom Link:

(20) Seva: Sangats Response to the Pandemic

Preet Kaur Sabharwal

AAPA POSTER 2020_Seva.pdf

(21) Examining Emotional and Instrumental Support as Moderators on the Relationship Between COVID-related anti-Asian Racism and Mental Health Symptoms

Amelia Yang, Chuck Liu, & Tao Liu

Amelia Yang AAPA Poster Final.pptx

(22) Using Social Support to Cope with COVID-19-Related Online Direct and Vicarious Racial Discrimination: The Moderating Role of Locus of Control

Yun Lu & Cixin Wang

COVID AA poster.pdf

(23) Asian Americans Experience Greater Microassaults During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Aaron Cheng, Alexandra Mendez, Zerick Patriana, Brooklyn King, Aldo Barrita, & Gloria Wong-Padoongpatt 

AAPA Microaggression Poster .pdf


(24) A Double-Edged Sword: Family Values Act as Protective and Risk Factors for Asian-American College Students' Mental Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zhou, E., Kyeong, Y., Cheung, C.S., & Michalska, K.J



(25) Challenges and Complexities during COVID-19 Crisis: Exploring Xenophobia through Asian Narratives

Sukanya Ray, Catherine Vucky, Thanh Phan, Ellen Yang, Hannah Robins, & Yanxi Liu

AAPA Poster Fall 2020 Final Presentation.pdf


(26) "Asians Are to Blame for the Coronavirus": Racial Scapegoating During COVID-19

Tao Liu & Charles Liu

Asians Are to Blame for the Coronavirus.pdf


(27) Examining the Impact of Vicarious and Direct Experiences of COVID-19 Related Anti-Asian Racism on Mental Health Symptoms of Asian Americans/Asians

Yaochong Huang, Ashley Koh, Charles Liu, & Tao Liu


(28) COVID-19 Anti-Asian Racism and Mental Health

Yea Jin Chang, Ruth Fu, Tao Liu, & Charles Liu

COVID 19 Mental Health.pdf

(29) A Cross-Cultural Examination of Self-Presentation in Dating Apps: U.S. and South Korea

Katherine Gorospe, Paula Ong, & Yuying Tsong

AAPA 2020_Dating App Poster_Draft_2020-0928.pptx

Group 4 - Social justice/advocacy & Watering Our Roots

Q & A Session 2: (12:45 - 1:15 PM PST)


(30) Community Outreach to Underserved Nepalese & Bhutanese Communities

Prem Pariyar & Preet K. Sabharwal

AAPA POSTER 2020_Prem_Final (2).pdf

(31) Model or Marginalized Minority? The Socialization Roots We Water

Puja Patel, Michele Chan, & Gabriela Livas Stein

SRA_MMM Poster.pptx.pdf

(32) Incorporating and Applying a Career Model and Three Mentoring Frameworks to Mentor-Protege Relationships With Women of Asian-American/Pacific Islander Roots

Sonali Singal, Mellanie Kristelle De Guzman, Portia Chan, & Edna Esnil.

Incorporating and Applying a Career Model and Three Mentoring Frameworks to Mentor-Protégé Relationships with Women of Asian-American Pacific Islander Roots Powerpoint.pptx.  

Incorporating and Applying a Career Model and Three Mentoring Frameworks to Mentor-Protégé Relationships with Women of Asian-American Pacific Islander Roots.pdf

(33) Teaching Asian American Psychology through Times of Crises

Matthew R. Mock

AAPA 2020 Poster - Teaching of AAPI Psychology.pdf

(34) The Relationship of Colorism to Colonial Mentality

Angela Navata, Jennifer Robles, & Jessica Dennis

AAPA 2020.ppt

(35) Asian American Narratives and Films for Furthering Social Justice and Racial Bridging

Matthew R. Mock

(36) Sewing for Others: Asian American women finding purpose and meaning during the pandemic

Grace J. Yoo, Allison Phuong, Windy Tran, & Kiyanna Moheit

Grace_AAPA Presentation_compressed.pdf

(37) Shame & Spirituality: Colonial Mentality and Indigenous Filipino Roots

Jacquelene M. Lopez & Jane M. Tram

Lopez Tram AAPA Poster PDF.pdf

Lopez Tram AAPA Handout.docx

(38) Women as Active Agents in the Marriage Migration Industry: A Qualitative Inquiry from Vietnam to South Korea

Cynthia Yoon & Tina Lee


(39) Namarūpa, the Buddhist definition of person: Philosophical and cultural basis for the simultaneous occurrence of soma and psyche in psychosomatic symptoms

Liang Tien & Debra Kawahara

namarupa 2020 AAPA.pdf

Tien Kawahara 2020 AAPA poster.pdf

(40) Is greater critical awareness associated with more frequent sociopolitical actions? Moderating effects of values in Asian-White interracial couples

Chun Tao & Ashley K. Randall

AAPA 2020 Virtual Poster_Tao & Randall_Asian-White Couples' Awareness and Sociopolitical Actions.pdf