Welcome to the 2020 AAPA Virtual Convention!

We are excited to have you join us during our first ever AAPA virtual convention. We are grateful to our convention committee for their tireless work with the development of this innovative platform, allowing us to learn, network and connect. Though this time would have been ideal to gather physically to offer those hugs in person, we are still appreciative of this space. For many of us, the convention has consistently been likened to a reunion of sorts. AAPA has been a professional home where we've also found our chosen families and communities.  We hope that you will gain knowledge, share the work that's driven your passion, collaborate with but most of all connect with community. The AAPA convention has traditionally valued bringing together a diverse community of scholars, clinicians, educators, activists, public health professionals who come together to share knowledge, engage in dialogues which challenge the status quo of mental health within our communities. Our virtual platform strives to continue this tradition.

2020 has been a year of several unprecedented challenges. The pandemic not only forced our communities to adapt "new normals" such as online learning/working, social distancing, and adapting the persistent wearing of face coverings in public, it incited fear within our communities, not only of the virus physically affecting us and our families, but also instilled fear in response to searing racism because the news related to the virus' origins linked it to China.  As schools transitioned to online platforms, our international students were threatened with the possibility of being forced to return to their countries due to a proposed policy that unfairly targeted them.  Our own communities struggled to combat the racism attributed to COVID-19, yet we also struggled in anguish as we witnessed our Black siblings' pain in the aftermath of several racially motivated tragedies. The injustices that impacted our communities as well as the communities of our Black siblings prompted many in our AAPA families to action. They organized healing circles, protested, provided spaces for others, while they continued their day-to-day operations teaching, researching, providing clinical care, studying/attending classes. Needless to say, many who've been engaged in this seemingly endless struggle are exhausted.

As we reflect on our convention theme Watering our Roots: Cultivating Ourselves and AAPA's Future, we are reminded to redefine our previously held beliefs of what self-care and community-care means in the midst of a global pandemic, a racial awakening, and the work we continue to feel called to do. We are called to develop new beliefs of our self- and community-care that integrate/reconcile our cultural beliefs both new and old with the need to maintain the strong cultural and familial roots that often offer us grounding and strength. And we are asked to find ways of being together while physically separated. These are the challenges of our time.

As we gather virtually over the next several days, may we use the time for reflection, learning, engagement and healing. May it also be a time to dialogue, engage, connect and heal with communities both old and new.

Richelle Concepcion, PsyD, MPH
AAPA President
Nellie Tran, PhD
AAPA Vice President

A Message from the 2020 AAPA Convention Co-Chairs

On behalf of the Convention Committee, WELCOME TO OUR FIRST EVER VIRTUAL CONVENTION! We are excited to meet you where you are and to connect during a time when this connection is greatly needed. Our convention theme of "Watering our roots: Cultivating ourselves and AAPA's future" emphasizes self-care and identity development. We hope our theme prompts you to reflect on how you can redefine caring for yourself in a culturally congruent way. We also hope you will consider ways that AAPA can grow and develop as an organization. Given this year's repeated changes in plans and time-outs to recalibrate our convention, we are especially indebted to our convention planning committee who have embodied the definitions of teamwork and flexibility. This virtual convention could not have happened without the contributions of each co-chair. A heartfelt thanks to our convention planning committee for rising to this challenge in the midst of this syndemic. We hope you enjoy all the thoughtfully planned programming and that you have a truly interactive and rejuvenating virtual convention experience.

We would like unequivocally state that BLACK LIVES MATTER

Jennifer Hsia, PhD
Convention Co-Chair

Maximilian Tokarsky, PhD
Convention Co-Chair


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Saturday, October 3 

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Sunday, October 4

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Watering our roots: Cultivating ourselves and the Asian American Psychological Association’s (AAPA) future

"Watering our roots," is a call for reflection and revitalization of self in recognition of our interconnectedness and history. In addition to themes of "vision" and "self-care," "watering our roots" signifies nurturing our network and building a solid foundation for our future. It also signifies attention to the sacrifices of our parents, our ancestors, and ourselves as we work to help others. At times, we are encouraged not to engage in self-care and self-compassion because that suggests weakness or acting selfishly. Our theme emphasizes that caring for ourselves includes our cultural practices and is also our professional responsibility to ensure strong "roots" so that we can give more to others. We seek to deconstruct, decolonize, and redefine what self-care means in our current cultural landscape.

This theme also highlights that, as an organization, AAPA is in a time of transition as we are in our fifth year of alternating conventions with and away from the American Psychological Association (APA). As highlighted and discussed in the AAPA 2019 Convention keynote, our organization needs to work on being more inclusive and welcoming of our diverse membership. We also honor the significance of "five years" as, on average, doctoral programs take five years to complete. Similarly, including undergraduate years, Master's programs can take 6 years to complete. We further tie in 2019's convention theme, "Making waves and breaking through the bamboo ceiling," to a Chinese parable about bamboo trees, which take five years to sprout above ground while its roots are growing strong beneath the earth's surface. "Watering our roots: Cultivating ourselves and AAPA's future," is a call to action to collectively set the course for the future of our organization. We invite you to join us on this path of self-exploration, reflection, loving, and growth as we steer AAPA toward an exciting and inclusive future.

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